Speaking of the most beautiful art, perhaps the most primitive, where mud and hands together is talk of Pedro Mercedes, the potter, who for more than 50 years, its ancient workshop in Cuenca, with its surrounding and has baked Arabic elapse let your passion creadora.El spirit of an unknown god travels, like a breath, his work. Because in every pileup of mud, two amazing living spaces. A world of ancient mythology and other deep-Iberian roots, which are given a friendly hand.


Totally self-taught, he was one of the first to sign his pieces potters, and able to evolve towards new horizons, creating school.


Like all self-respecting artist, the work of Pedro Mercedes is easily recognized, especially its decoration based on «scraping» technique created by him and in which no one has managed to match him.


With a single stroke rolls lines, orders all the elements way that is tailored to each surface, covering all areas likely to be scraped or decorated. Resulting in harmony, including size, shape and color.


Above their artistic or creative qualities, he has been that simple, plain, far to false or false feelings, he could have mistaken his understanding of man’s life.
With Pedro Mercedes, pottery has evolved from traditional crafts to the category of art.